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Creature Concept: Erebusian Nightstalker

The Erebusian Nightstalker is an apex predator from the planet Erebus.

Creature Concept: Mycolian

It is hard to determine whether the Mycolian is actually a fungus or animal, as it

Creature Concept: Fungal Hound

Fungal hounds are tripodal, bi-tailed fungal/animal fusions; arising from a symbiosis of the two it represents

Creature Concept: Copterbug

The copterbug is an alien which has evolved on Venus.

Squidrats: The Most Successful Animals in the Known Galaxy

These highly adaptable creatures thrive in most environments.

Creature Concept: Conductor Mite

A creature that feeds on pure electrons.

Creature Concept: Asymmetrical Tree Crab

This crab-like creature spends most of its adult life in the trees.

Creature Concept: Jellyback

The jellyback is a tall creature which feeds on the high fruits of certain trees.

Creature Concept: Lode Stone Sprite

Alien creature concept by Vincent Covellio.

Creature Concept: Beach Climber

A 4 legged alien that lives on the coastal cliffs on Fentil.

Creature Concept: Skymite

"Skymite" is a portmanteau of two words: "Sky" and "termite".

Creature concept: The Acid Dragon of Zeta Anchora 3

An acid-spitting alien creature by artist Kevin Yan

Creature Concept: The Storm Bringer

The storm bringer is so gigantic that its respiration causes distubance in the atmosphere.

Creature Concept: The Denverian Sex Bug

An animal-plant hybrid that uses small invertibrates to propigate.

Creature Concept: Boranus

Like many other scavengers, they'll eat anything they find, but prefer internal organs

Creature Concept: The Rhodian World Wrecker

Much of the creature's mass exists extra-dimensionally, only partially interacting with our universe.

Alien Profile: H’Nydron

The H’Nydron are a near sentient species occupying the ocean planet Kepler-22b. They have the appearance

Creature Concept: The Swamp Rabbit

From the look of those sharp teeth, it's safe to assume the Swamp Rabbit eats something

Alien profile: The Dirt-Eaters of Corohawk

This alien profile was written for us by Chris Kentlea from Ennead Games. Chris challenged me to find

Creature concept: Osteonimbus

When Mark handed command of SciFi Ideas over to me for a week, he asked not