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Alien Profile: The Squamata

For thousands of Earth years this race of hat wearing lizards has mimicked earthlings’ fashions. From

Creatures of Owen’s World: Slaverphant

The slaverphant is a grazing quadruped native to the planet Oblik IV (nicknamed "Owen's World"). It

Creatures of Owen’s World: The Purple Spotted Bird-Lion

The purple spotted bird-lion is a quadrupedal predator native to the planet Oblik IV (commonly known

Creatures of Owen’s World: Castle-Backed Oblikalo

The castle-backed Oblikalo is a quadrupedal ungulate native to the planet Oblik IV (commonly known as

Creatures of Owen’s World: Giant Land Jockey

The giant land jockey is a large androgynous marsupial native to the planet Oblik IV (nicknamed

Alien Profile Writing Competition

Announcing the Alien Profile Writing Competition, part of Alien Week 2012. Full details below.

Alien Profile: The Eldir

The Eldir are a race of bi-pedal aquatic aliens native to the central ocean of the

Alien Profile: The Ikrowden and Golle

The world of Antru is home to three races who, despite being physically very similar, consider

Alien Profile: The Clusters of Neuron

Clusters are unusual lifeforms native to the planet Neuron. Some scientists have suggested that the world

Alien Profile: The Sub-Legathians

For his contribution to Alien Week, George Lopez has chosen to profile one of the many

Alien Profile: Mesklinites

Mesklinites, to put into terms that everyone understands, are intelligent centipedes. Their home planet, Mesklin, is

The Aliens of Space Empires V

To kick off Alien Week 2011 we've decided to upload a large stash of 'Alien Profiles'

Alien Profile: The Norak Continuum (Space Empires V)

The Norak are a deeply religious people, prone to impulsive crusades against their neighbours. They can

Alien Profile: The Xi’Chung Hive (Space Empires V)

The Xi'Chung are a psychotic race of insects, who are devoted to the destruction of all

Alien Profile: The Cue Cappa Commonwealth (Space Empires V)

The Cue Cappa are a symbiotic race with advanced psychic abilities. They can be seen in

Alien Profile: The Xiati Empire (Space Empires V)

A devious race who possess Temporal Manipulation technology. They can be seen in the science fiction

Alien Profile: The Sergetti Empire (Space Empires V)

The Sergetti are a race of aggressive xenophobes, who use advanced crystalline technology to destroy their

Alien Profile: The Sithrak Dominion (Space Empires V)

The Sithrak are a humanoid race who evolved in another dimension. They live for battle and

Alien Profile: The Jraenar (Space Empires V)

An aggressive race of reptilian warriors. They are known for their aggressiveness and cunning. They can

Alien Profile: The Drushocka (Space Empires V)

The Drushocka are silicon-based lifeforms. They are physically strong and resistant to adverse conditions. They are