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Alien Profile: The Skrav

The Skrav either destroy or enslave. That is their way.

Alien Profile: Terra Vesp

A species of scavengers native to Tetra V. Sent to us by Stephen Landry as an entry

Alien Profile: Gublorghas

Greedy, stupid, short-tempered and primitive, Gublorghas have a habit of eating their own offspring.

Alien Profile: The Cooties of Io

Cooties resemble man sized fresh water hydras. They normally swim within the subterranean lakes of liquid

Alien Profile: Xenosimias

Xenosimias, as its name (“strange primate”) implies, is something of an alien analogue for a monkey.

Alien Idea: Triumviri Civilizations

Within a distant galaxy lie three warring space faring civilizations: The Nyrian Socialist Federation, Qathurn Empire,

Alien Profile: The Seea and Gatchabings

Two species with a symbiotic relationship. Submitted by Jimmy Ng as an entry to the Alien August

Alien Profile: The Whoosians

The Whoosians are a species of sapient amphibians native to the planet Choralorafax. They produce and

Alien Profile: The Yerto

An ancient civilization native to Mars which went extinct several million years ago.

Alien Profile: Pok’Maar

An arboreal species with high moral standards, created by artist Robert Altbauer (aka Sapiento)

Alien Profile: The Ancari

An entry to the Alien Profile Writing Competition (Alien Week 2012) by Flight 209. The Ancari

Alien Profile: The Sieth

This alien profile was written by Starbase 118 member Louise (aka Amy Young) as an entry

Alien Profile: The Menta Hives

An insectoid species with a collective intelligence. They form hives consisting of trillions of individuals, and

The Creatures of Owen’s World: Fraser’s Sea Hog

The Fraser's sea hog is a marine mammal native to the planet Oblik IV (commonly known

Alien Profile: The Althock

This article was written by Jack Gumption and submitted to SciFi Ideas as part of the

Alien Profile: Overlords of Thoth

The Thoth are a strange life-form in that they are not constructed of matter as we

Alien Profile: Friesian Space-Whale

A giant docile creature that lives in the empty space between stars, the Fresian space-whale is

Alien Profile: The Vreetans

Vreetans are asexual and have no visible genitalia. They do not engage in sexual activity as

Creatures of Owen’s World: Velonadon

The Velonadon is a bipedal reptile native to the planet Oblik IV (commonly known as Owen's

Alien Profile: The Beltavortavpetov

The following Alien Profile was submitted to SciFi Ideas by Alfonso Posadas Jr. as part of