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Alien Profile: Shearzari

They “lay” soft jelly-like eggs. Unwanted eggs are typically eaten as a delicacy.

Alien Profile: Kzzts

The Kzzts are a species that eats electrons as a food source.

Alien Profile: Galaxy Mold

These plant-like organisms invade galaxies and darken the stars.

Alien Profile: Uslaw Rovnitov

An Alien August competition entry by Peter Berghold.

Alien Profile: Pekone-Seijin

After millennia of peaceful existence, Pekone was visited by a massive space-travelling bio-city from the Free

Alien Profile: Parzdomum

From the Night Galaxy comes the kaiju Parzdomum.

Alien Profile: Biologically Continuous Gleema-Seijin

A strange alien species with a very short lifespan of only 10 minutes.

Alien Profile: Asharans

One of the Asharans experiments with time and space has gone horribly wrong.

Alien Profile: The Clouds of Azani

The clouds of the planet Azani are sentient gaseous beings.

Alien Profile: Hol’Korth Rah

An Alien August competition entry by Peter Berghold.

Alien Profile: The Titans

The original inhabitants of the moon Titan, as seen in the Dan's Voyage webcomic.

Alien Profile: Non Corps

Non Corps (Non Corporeals) are plasma beings who live inside a star.

Alien Profile: The Shaill

A slug-like species. Entered to the Alien August competition by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Alien Profile: The Eeda

The "Eeda" are an extra-reality species that found its way into the universe via a science

Alien Profile: The Krazzle

A feline warrior race from the Star Trek RPG group Starbase 400.

Alien Profile: P’Rem

The P'Rem is a jet black plant that floats in the air above a pristine planet

Alien Profile: The Rovers

Evolved from Mars exploration rovers, these robots are antagonists in the Dan's Voyage web-comic.

Alien Profile: The Zaefer

Also known as "greynecks", these aliens inhabit the universe of the Dan's Voyage comic.

Alien Profile: The Bahkti

An entry to the Alien August competition by Delvis J. Molina.

Alien Profile: World Seed

A World Seed is a living, organic planet grown from a seed.