Alien Ideas Archive

Creature Concept: Beach Climber

A 4 legged alien that lives on the coastal cliffs on Fentil.

Alien Profile: The Clouds of Azani

The clouds of the planet Azani are sentient gaseous beings.

Alien Profile: Hol’Korth Rah

An Alien August competition entry by Peter Berghold.

Creature Concept: Skymite

"Skymite" is a portmanteau of two words: "Sky" and "termite".

Alien Profile: The Titans

The original inhabitants of the moon Titan, as seen in the Dan's Voyage webcomic.

Alien Profile: Non Corps

Non Corps (Non Corporeals) are plasma beings who live inside a star.

Alien Profile: The Shaill

A slug-like species. Entered to the Alien August competition by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Alien Profile: The Eeda

The "Eeda" are an extra-reality species that found its way into the universe via a science

Alien Profile: The Krazzle

A feline warrior race from the Star Trek RPG group Starbase 400.

Creature concept: The Acid Dragon of Zeta Anchora 3

An acid-spitting alien creature by artist Kevin Yan

The Black Cloud – A Plausible Gaseous Lifeform?

The Black Cloud is a vast, intelligent cloud of interstellar hydrogen, about 150 million kilometers in

Creature Concept: The Storm Bringer

The storm bringer is so gigantic that its respiration causes distubance in the atmosphere.

Creature Concept: The Denverian Sex Bug

An animal-plant hybrid that uses small invertibrates to propigate.

Alien Profile: P’Rem

The P'Rem is a jet black plant that floats in the air above a pristine planet

Alien Profile: The Rovers

Evolved from Mars exploration rovers, these robots are antagonists in the Dan's Voyage web-comic.

Alien Profile: The Zaefer

Also known as "greynecks", these aliens inhabit the universe of the Dan's Voyage comic.

Alien Profile: The Bahkti

An entry to the Alien August competition by Delvis J. Molina.

Alien Profile: World Seed

A World Seed is a living, organic planet grown from a seed.

Alien Profile: The Zherdany

An alien profile by Vincente Tellez. The Zherdany aliens are a hive-based insectoid species with some

Alien Profile: Camogi

Life on the surface of a neutron star utilizing "nuclear chemistry" in the degenerate matter crust.