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Alien Profile: The Churiknik

The Churiknik are a race of intelligent bird-like creatures native to the planet Churikniknak.

The magnetic asteroid

“The magnetic pull of this asteroid has taken me by surprise one too many times, but

Artifexian: Other Planetary Systems

Edgar talks us through some of the most interesting star systems discovered to date.

Artifexian: How to Create a Classical Planetary System

Edgar begins a walkthrough lesson on building a classical planetary system capable of supporting life.

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.

Artifexian: Formation of the Solar System

Before we start baking our apple pie, let's take a look at grandma's old recipe book

Story Idea: In Silico

The story will be told from the viewpoints of various characters spread out across the planet.

Alien profile: The Dirt-Eaters of Corohawk

This alien profile was written for us by Chris Kentlea from Ennead Games. Chris challenged me to find

Creature concept: Osteonimbus

When Mark handed command of SciFi Ideas over to me for a week, he asked not

Starting point: Miniscule blades of death

Alien invasion stories can be pretty formulaic, but it's a winning formula and useful platform for

Planet Profile: Damnation

Orbiting the star Ceti Tau Zeta 47914 is a tidally locked planet whose official registration is

Starting Point: Handcock’s Sacrifice

The fate of the world rested on a bluff, but the Honogons, it seemed, were poor

Creature Concepts: Grandulus and the Luminous Oppugno

Early in its evolutionary history, life on this world did not split into such rigidly defined

Planet Profile: Zarmina

Zarmina orbits Gliese 581 at only 14% of Earth's distance from Sol.

Could an Alien Creature Eat Sound?

This alien creature “eats” soundwaves. But, is that even possible?

Creature Concept: The Spider Demon of Laskaris III

The giant spider demon isn't a native of this world, it was a visitor once. Transformed

Story Idea: Willy Wonka’s Galactic Embassy

Rather than inviting us to tour an interstellar chocolate factory (that would just be silly), the

Inspiration Gallery #0314

In 1939, pulp fiction magazine Fantastic Adventures commissioned Frank R. Paul to produce a series of

Creature Concepts from David Aguilar’s ‘Alien Worlds’

Aguilar has populated his imaginary universe several distinct planets and provided details about their inhabitants.

Creature Concept: The Ruffled Roller

Here's a creature that comes with little explanation, which means there's more potential for you to