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Could an Alien Creature Eat Sound?

This alien creature “eats” soundwaves. But, is that even possible? Can you think of a reason

Creature Concept: The Spider Demon of Laskaris III

The giant spider demon isn't a native of this world, it was a visitor once. Transformed

Story Idea: Willy Wonka’s Galactic Embassy

Rather than inviting us to tour an interstellar chocolate factory (that would just be silly), the

Inspiration Gallery #0314

In 1939, pulp fiction magazine Fantastic Adventures commissioned Frank R. Paul to produce a series of

Creature Concepts from David Aguilar’s ‘Alien Worlds’

Aguilar has populated his imaginary universe several distinct planets and provided details about their inhabitants.

Creature Concept: The Ruffled Roller

Here's a creature that comes with little explanation, which means there's more potential for you to

Starting Point: Crystal Gods

Jayvin approached the crystalline plant structure with curious eyes. It was old. Centuries old.

Creature concept: Sifter beast

I found this great creature artwork to add to our creature concept segment. It’s called a

5 sci-fi twists that would make Downton Abbey more interesting

Here are 5 sci-fi twists that would make Downton Abbey more interesting.

The Red Pelted Giant

The enormous red pelted giant carefully tip-toes over your home town at dusk and dawn. After

Introducing the New Planet Generator

Introducing a new random generator to the SciFi Ideas website - the Planet Generator.

Top Tourist Destinations of the New Worlds Project Setting

Here are the Organisation for Interstellar Peace’s top destinations for 2514. Don’t let the first interstellar

Cloud Grazer feeds on the gaseous clouds of a distant planet

An elegant flying alien creature that eats clouds and blocks out the sun.

Creature concept: Tongzen

It was about as large as a fullgrown puma, and stood upon four handlike feet that

Creature Concept: The Horned Raxomajup of Bellatav Prime

The Horned Raxomajup from Bellatav Prime are large creatures with tough, armoured skin much like a

Creature concept: Q’porr an aquatic predator

An aquatic predator named a "Q'porr" by DeviantArt user "Exobio".

Thantopians: The non-sentient carpet creatures of Chandra’s Game

Yes, we're talking about killer carpets!

Story Idea: Valkyrie Ship Yggdrasill

We recently received this story idea from Alfonso Posadas Jr, and I think it shows a

The Eyeless Iridescent Jumper Hunts Using Your Fear

The Eyeless Iridescent Jumper is a predator of the 3rd planet in the Psi Liana star

Story Idea: The Abductions of Generations Past

The story idea starts and ends with a courtroom. It'€™s the future, far from now. A