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A typical M-type asteroid could be worth billions upon billions of dollars.

Your Undiscovered Country

The following article was written by author Tom Julian. Thanks for the advice Tom! There comes

How To Create An Alien Species In 3 Stages

It’s Alien August here at SciFiIdeas.com, and an autographed copy of my novel The Deep Link

Size Matters: The Evolution of Unicorn Horns

With the recent discovery that unicorns do exist, we must take a serious look at these

Hemingway – A Simple Editing Tool for Simple Prose

Rather than criticizing you for your technical errors, Hemingway instead gives you hints on how to

Sciency Words: Ad Hoc Hypothesis

“Ad hoc” is a Latin phrase meaning “for this,” as in “for this one and only

Sciency Words: Eccentricity

According to Kepler’s laws, no planet has a perfectly circular orbit. The “established norm” is

Sciency Words: Chromatophore

Chromatophores are special cells in the skin of some animals, most notably the squid and the

Sciency Words: Orbital Vocabulary

When you want to move your spaceship to a higher orbit, fire your rockets prograde. If

Science Fiction Doesn’t Have to be Believable?

Though I admit I’ve written series of sci-fi novels where scientific accuracy takes a back seat

Top 5 Worldbuilding Must-Haves

What if you work on your world for weeks, write dozens of spreadsheets or notes, create

For the love of space opera

This article was originally posted on Veronica Sicoe’s blog, and is re-posted here with permission. Space opera

The ORIGINS of your alien species

Invest some work in figuring this out on a pragmatic, satisfyingly realistic level, and each time

Why Even Space?

I love space. But sometimes all that pesky space travel can get in the way, and

Why We Write Heroes

Are our heroes simply an extension of our own vanity – a striving to be something

25 different Sci-Fi Settings

A list of interesting sci-fi settings to play around with, and a mini-generator to create challenging

These Things You Say

These days everyone know what Unobtainium is, because it’s become its own punchline. Unobtainium is the

Screw Wikipedia, Contact a Scientist

Even though you’ve scoured the Internet and checked out every science book your local library has,

Aliens and Morality

Is moral conduct a prerequisite of civilization, even for aliens?

Maksim Smelchak: Categorizing Aliens

Maksim Smelchak shares some advice for those creating their own alien species.