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Star Trek is as out-of-date today as Buck Rogers was in 1980 (Take the hint!)

With all the talk about bringing back aStar Trek series for its 50th anniversary, I find

What Deep Concepts Could Star Trek Ponder Next?

It would almost seem that Star Trek has covered just about every area of social conflict

Khan, Failed Savior: A Better Alternate History

It’s a shame Abrams never got this idea; it would have made a story GALAXIES better

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2014

how refreshing to receive a thoughtful re-imagining of a classic series...

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Science Fiction Writers

Here are some ideas and suggestions for what gifts to buy science fiction writers this Christmas.

Elysium Concept Art Reveals The Torus Originally Had A Roof

In addition to its third act plot holes, one of the problems many sci-fi fans were

Star Trek’s Future Social Conflicts

The key to conflicts in Star Trek is that someone in their fictional universe does not

10 Best Articles from Last Year’s Alien August

The 10 best articles from last year's Alien August event.

Alternative anime every sci-fi writer should have seen

This article was written for us by Steve Merrick after a discussion on our Facebook page

Cowboy Bebop: We Need More Sci-Fi Like This

What do an ex-cop with an artificial arm, an ex-hitman with a mean martial-arts gift, an

Another Year, Another Dying Earth Movie

Let's hope there's more going on in the movie than Nolan is letting on.

This New Sci-Fi Magazine Is Even Better Than We Were Expecting

This week saw the launch of a brand new online science fiction magazine. The e-zine is

New Worldbuilding Webshow is Surprisingly Cathartic

The unusual thing about this video is how Kawano has chosen to personify his own self-doubt,

The Ganthoran Gambit by William J Benning

The Ganthoran Gambit - the latest novel in William Benning's the First Admiral series - is

Review: Eclipse Phase RPG

This game is the cyberpunk concept flipped on its head and cranked to eleven. In the

Review: Diaspora Tabletop RPG

Diaspora is a fantastic game. It dares go places that others don’t. It has the gritty

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book

The Really Geeky Sci-Fi Quiz Book contains over 750 of the geekiest quiz questions you're likely

The War of the Worlds: Updated and Reverse Engineered

A comedic take on H.G. Wells' classic Martian invasion story by author (and friend of SciFi

The Adventures of Nana Barb

A thrilling new satirical sci-fi fantasy novel that started as a university creative writing project is

Two by Two, One is Blue

Author Raymond Frazee discusses inter-species dating and the frequent occurrence of human-alien hybrids in science fiction