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New Worlds Project Trailer – a SciFi Ideas Exclusive

A new trailer for the New Worlds Project RPG - exclusive to SciFi Ideas.

New Worlds Project – An Interview With Kim Smouter

I caught up with Kim Smouter - one of the humans responsible for both the original

Star Trek, a new Series. We’ve been there before

There have been multiple attempts to revive the Star Trek franchise, some successful, others not so

Winner of the Alien August Competition

The Alien August competition is over, and the winner has been announced.

Alien August 2015 Has Arrived

The Alien August special event begins today!

Alien August 2015

I'm pleased to announce that Alien August will be returning to SciFi Ideas this year!

Alien August Competition 2015 – Full Details

Here are the full competition details for the Alien August Competition 2015.

Let’s Talk About What Simon Pegg Said

Simon Pegg insults the genre in which he's made his name, and gets away Scotty free!

New Sci-Fi Character Name Generator

A new tool to help you name the human characters in your sci-fi stories.

The Voyager Records – Carl Sagan’s Message to the Cosmos

Greetings fellow Earthlings, and happy Carl Sagan Day! On this day (November 9th) we celebrate the

Welcoming Edgar Grunewald to the SciFi Ideas Team

Edgar Grunewald is the man behind Artifexian, the YouTube channel that "teaches you everything you need

The Winner of the Alien August Competition 2014

And the winner is...

Alien Species Generator Update

Since it's Alien August, I figured this would be a good time to update our Alien

Alien August Has Arrived!

The special month long event has begun!

Alien August Competition 2014 – Full Details

Full competition details for the Alien August Competition 2014.

Alien August is Back!

I'm very pleased to announce that Alien August will be making a return this year.

How to Make First Contact

Please remember that Groznblasx flags should be flown at half-mast in remembrance of Ambassador Frlygrl's mother-in-law.

This New Sci-Fi Magazine Is Even Better Than We Were Expecting

This week saw the launch of a brand new online science fiction magazine. The e-zine is

News: New Look SciFi Ideas

We've made some changes to the SciFi Ideas website!

New Worldbuilding Webshow is Surprisingly Cathartic

The unusual thing about this video is how Kawano has chosen to personify his own self-doubt,