Starting Points Archive

Starting Point: Syzygy

This was a one shot deal. It was either go now or spend the next two

Starting point – How to kill a cyborg Dinosaur

“This is a crazy war we’re fighting, but if you want to hit the enemy right where

Starting point: The Last Fight

Ready to do some writing today? Here’s a story starting point sent to us by Jake Salter

Starting point: Inevitable destination

It’s day 2 of #OnionTakeOverWeek and here’s another story starting point. Want to write something today but

Starting Point: The Lucky Cigarette

There was air, at least. Air to breathe, and to light his final cigarette.

Starting Point: The Smell of Desperation

“I've told you, it's nothing to do with the way she smells, I just don't like

Starting Point: Hiding in Full View

Two centuries had passed since the sealing of the Ark. Two centuries, and nobody raised an

Starting Point: Handcock’s Sacrifice

The fate of the world rested on a bluff, but the Honogons, it seemed, were poor

Starting point: Post-Facebook

The salesman was described as a 'genius', although Carol didn't believe he was....

Starting Point: Amongst the D’niri

Sub Director Spencer was trying to determine what these people believed in, worshipped. Central had warned

Starting Point: Can I Have My Ball Back Please?

Once again I repeated, quietly this time, "can I have my ball back, please?"

Starting Point: Leftovers

We had made base camp on DM+397-45-83c’s major continent, near the structures. The planetary survey had

Starting Point: The Gathering

The Sails had begun to gather. Three, then five, then ten. Now there were nineteen, all

Starting point: The Last Picture of Jessica

Here's a story starting point, and I'm going to leave it completely up to your imagination...

Starting Point: Ghost from the Deep

Is there really a demon ghost-shark on the loose, or is it just Mr. Renard in

Starting Point: Fox 1

"Red Shark 2 closing on target," I confirmed, swallowing my fear and trying my best to

Starting Point: A Snail’s Pace

"Easy boy." I loosened the reins and gave my snail a gentle pat on the neck.

Starting Point: Crystal Gods

Jayvin approached the crystalline plant structure with curious eyes. It was old. Centuries old.

Story Idea: Oort Cloud Civilizations

Story idea by John H. Reiher Jr. about a civilization that lives in the Oort cloud