Starting Points Archive

Starting point: Silently Drifting Past the Vail

Silently drifting on its way past the vail, Tyconderoga had been set on a course to

Starting Point: Ivory Towers

Jacob had a simple goal in life. Like everybody else in the camp, he dreamed of

Starting Point: Dawn City

Jay had seen the colony from each of these three high vantage points before, but the

Starting Point: The Aksu Nomad

The first nomad was reported in western China, near the city of Aksu on the old

Starting Point: Gardeners of Paradise

This week’s story starting point is a response to all the recent talk about utopian sci-fi.

Starting Point: The Rosenberg Portal

The Rosenberg Portal was our way of cheating fate. It didn't take the first explorers long

Starting Point: The Impossible Man

I was halfway to Proxima when the Visitor arrived, and already halfway through my last bottle

Starting Point: The Third Machine Age

It was the third machine age that finally destroyed us. We should have seen it coming;

Story Idea: New Neighbors by John H Reiher

Devi Theld was working on the next crew roster, currently the crew was not working at

Starting Point: The Ones That Bleed

I, Victras, the devourer of marrow, will purge the humans from this universe!

Starting Point: Performance Art

It seemed I had landed my time machine in the middle of a sculpture park!

Displaced Uranus

Planets in the solar system are disappearing!

Starting point: The Tallest Hyperfungus

The largest airships from the 8 continents had been summoned to "Old Wirespire"

Starting Point: Swimming in the Light

There was something moving. Shadows, swimming in the light.

Starting Point: Puny Human Transactions

"What is wrong puny Earthling?" The creature roared.

Starting Point: Hairball

“Don't,” Kevin complained, but I paid him no mind. Kevin was a wimp.

Starting Point: Electric Lunch

The air fizzed with electricity, a static charge emanating from the rocks around us.

Starting Point: The Ghost of Lynus Hayes

The ghost of Dr. Lynus Hayes had haunted the corridors of the Exhault 5 space station

Starting Point: The Lost Drone

"Who are all these unarmed biological units?"

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.