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Inspiration Gallery #0715

This month's Inspiration Gallery features the work of Thomas Wievegg.

Starting Point: The Courier

"Just be sure to get back before sunset," my mother nagged as she packed a lunchbox

Starting Point: The Return

Who could do such a thing, and why? Noah knew there could be only one answer:

AltMap: State of the Unions

It’s time for another alternate history map challenge. Last Week Last week’s alternate history map showed

Starting Point: Girls Only

As Thomars emerged from the undergrowth, the full scale of the city became clear to him.

AltMap: Khaaan!

This might not be entirely plausible, but give us your best guestimates please.

Inspiration Gallery #0615

In this week's Inspiration Gallery we feature the work of Romanian concept artist Ioan Dumitrescu.

Starting Point: Law of the Lawless

Jess had heard some of the crazy folklore about surface conditions on Venus. There were stories

AltMap: Holy Romans Batman!

Our second alternate history map challenge.

Starting Point: The Atlantic Plughole

"Don't tell me... it's gotten bigger?" The Prime Minister waited for my reply as I surveyed

Featured Story: Nothing Besides Remains

Father Shepherd rode the lift down into the lowest levels of the archaeological dig, ancient remains

AltMap: New Alternate History Challenge

Each week I'll be sharing a different alternate history map. Your challenge, should you choose to

Starting Point: At the Festival of Ah Mun

In spring, visitors to Tikal can participate in the Festival of Ah Mun, the god of

Starting Point: Encounter at Ranzagoff’s

Danny almost jumped out of his skin when the xenomorph burst through the open doorway to

Starting Point: Intellects Vast and Cute

As soon as the lights went out and the door clicked shut Pankakzikee and Breexzeen began

Inspiration Gallery #0515

This month's Inspiration Gallery features the artwork of Adam Kuczek.

Starting Point: Beyond the Black

It was supposed to be just another homicide case for Detective Burton Oalde. The only noteworthy

Starting Point: The March of the Marliebrachs

It was a perfect moonsummer's evening on the banks of the estuary. The weather was tepid

Starting Point: Any Difference That Makes No Difference…

It was on a Thursday, in 1976, that I selected to visit. My parents and brother

Starting Point: Discovery on Mars

I checked my digital compass. Damn red dust made it difficult to read, but I could