Inspiration Archive

Starting Point: Goat Night

The god Pan was once again being worshipped, thousands of light years from Earth.

Featured Story: G-G-Ghosts

“Ghosts?” O’Kelly inquired. “Why the tanj would Astute warn us ‘bout some fairytale monsters?”

Six-word Science Fiction Stories

Recently on our Facebook page (and the sci fi writers group) we asked you to come

Starting Point: The Hydrocarbon Boom

Winston moved along the pumping platform's superstructure, made more difficult by his environsuit. "Damn hose!" he

Starting Point: Artemis

I've spent the entire of my adult life aboard the Actaeon. I was twenty years old

Starting Point: The Haunebu Encounter

What he had seen must be reported. He knew his life was unimportant in relation to

Starting Point: A Taste of Paradise

"What is it?" Miranda asked with childlike curiosity...

Starting Point: Give Blood

"Blood?!" Jim recoiled. "Why in the 'verse do you want my blood?"

Starting Point: The Third Generation Problem

It's known as the "Third Generation Rule": The degree of social discipline needed for a space

Featured Story: The Battle of Grettsburg

“Welcome to Grettsburg,” said one of the citizens. “My name is Rodak Patel, Grettsburg’s Minister of

Starting Point: It’s just a jump to the left…

I've created a time machine. Yes, I know, it's impossible, requires infinite energy, blah, blah, blah.

Starting Point: He Came Back Wrong

There stood Illius. But as they stared at him, Adam and Thale realized the horrible truth...

Featured Story: They Returned

A story based on a recent "starting point". Written by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Starting Point: Distress Call

The Volkosian raised a gloved hand and knocked hard against the glass. "I make call," he

Starting Point: Bovipocalypse

All them city slickers and so-called experts in Washington were scratching their heads like idiots. Even with all

Starting Point: A Nuclear Family

Dr. Schiver stared cautiously at the curious life-form in front of him. Similar in many ways

Altusya’s Scolopendride

Leonardo has made the unusual decision to submit his entry in video form rather than writing

Inspiration Gallery #0815 (Alien August Special)

A gallery of alien portraits by three talented concept artists.

Starting Point: Limoncello in the Afternoon

"Limoncello?" asked Lazaro as he proffered the carafe filled with the lemony sweet liquor. Draeka sniffed and

Starting Point: Transpersonation

“So…so explain this to me one more time,” I said, nervously adjusting my skirt...