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Transgenderism in Sci-Fi

A discussion of gender issues and transgenderism in science fiction by author Cassidy Frazee

Featured Story: See You on Rovana

I always try my hardest to cling on to those last few words, that last moment

5 Amazing Robot Videos

If you are looking for a little inspiration for a robot story, these videos should help.


Time has a code, there are rules. You have to look right and left before you

Featured Story: Fast Food by Steve Kelly

“Good afternoon sir. My name is Joseph. I’m ringing you today about your computer.”

Alien Artwork by Tim Dozer

Artwork sent to us by Tim Dozer as part of Alien Week 2012

The Aliens of ‘Ascendancy’

This article lists all the alien species that appeared in the classic computer game Ascendancy.

The Aliens of Endless Space

These are the factions currently available in Endless Space. The developer is promising that more factions

Story Idea: Oort Cloud Civilizations

Story idea by John H. Reiher Jr. about a civilization that lives in the Oort cloud

Colonizing Time: Colonies in Earth’s Past and Future

If we could travel through time as we might travel through space, it stands to reason