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Featured Story: The Lucky Cigarette

The bright dot in the sky was growing much larger now. It clearly wasn’t a star...

Featured Story: Twas the Night…

Counselor Ransom, of the Terran Diplomatic Corps stepped forward to greet the ambassador from the Re'na

Featured Story: G-G-Ghosts

“Ghosts?” O’Kelly inquired. “Why the tanj would Astute warn us ‘bout some fairytale monsters?”

Featured Story: The Battle of Grettsburg

“Welcome to Grettsburg,” said one of the citizens. “My name is Rodak Patel, Grettsburg’s Minister of

Featured Story: They Returned

A story based on a recent "starting point". Written by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Featured Story: Nothing Besides Remains

Father Shepherd rode the lift down into the lowest levels of the archaeological dig, ancient remains

Featured Story: The Final Burial

“Do you reckon they’ll bury me?” said Sean, standing next to me with his arms crossed.

Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup

Starting Point: Captain, Sweetie

"You brought me down from the ship for this? It looks like a bloody tree."

Featured Story: The Ice Cream Man

Zeyad Moghadam sat in the front seat of his ice cream van as it drove autonomously

Featured Story: Life and Death Around the Spire

Lief ran full tilt down the hand carved tunnel to the lower galleries of the Spire.

Featured Story: Going Up

The city sits on the top of a man-made mountain above the dust clouds and the

Featured Story: Nervous Stomach

My stomach clenched, my mouth had that watery feeling you get right before you vomit. We

The Peace Button – A Writing Exercise

It started with a case of unfair dismissal. A worker issued a complaint against her supervisor.

Featured Story: Pride Goeth…

Uchida nibbled at a meat-chip, “But that begs the question, ‘What Assiotto would turn traitor on

The sticky gravity bomb – Looking For Gravitation In All The Wrong Places

Things were not peaceful at Epic Battlez' Hero And Villain Consultancy Service.

Featured Story: How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur

The cadets reacted variously, some showing clear respect and awe for the massive dreadnought, others trying

Featured Story: Crystal Gods

A story based on our story starting point "Crystal Gods".

Featured Story: Yearning

If they had been ordinary flesh, none would have survived the journey home. They were more

Featured Story: Frozen Heart

A competition winning short story by 13-year-old Cloe Cheung, a student at the French International School,