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Starting Point: XM318

We were part way down an alley off 5th Avenue when XM318 developed sentience...

Featured Story: The Lucky Cigarette

The bright dot in the sky was growing much larger now. It clearly wasn’t a star...

Inspiration Gallery #1602

This week's inspiration gallery features the artwork of German artist Christian ‘Tigaer’ Hecker.

Starting Point: The Long Commute

Olaf pealed the sticky electrodes from his forehead, detached the tubes from his abdomen, and yanked

Starting Point: Forerunner Trash

I'm Doctor Jane Harlowe, I'm a Xenoarcheologist. I dig up Forerunner trash. Most of it is.

Starting Point: Out of Options

Captain Kwon clenched his fist and brought it down hard against the padded armrest of his

The 21st Century, as Imagined in the 19th Century

Before we laugh too hard at these images, it might be worth reminding ourselves that our

Starting Point: Cold Star

Experts are baffled. Everything we had ever known about physics, astronomy, and cosmology are unraveled by

Starting Point: The Oracle

"You are truly blessed. Sagan is one of the greatest and wisest prophets."

Inspiration Gallery 1601 – Elite: Dangerous

The thing that's really striking about Elite: Dangerous is how good looking it is. A few

Starting Point: The Drifter

Luca stared at the unconscious figure lying next to him. The man wore a purple desert

Starting Point: Ape-pience

Able Spacechimp Lancelot Muggs was working the problem. 'Always work the problem,' he thought as he

Starting Point: Auld Lang Syne

As he drunkenly swayed in the general vicinity of the urinal, Mark heard the DJ say

Featured Story: Twas the Night…

Counselor Ransom, of the Terran Diplomatic Corps stepped forward to greet the ambassador from the Re'na

Inspiration Gallery #1215

This month's inspiration gallery features the artwork of the indomitable Sparth!

Starting Point: Tantalus

What had gone wrong? How had the Cerberus found me? Had Samuel betrayed me? I couldn't

Starting Point: Goat Night

The god Pan was once again being worshipped, thousands of light years from Earth.

Featured Story: G-G-Ghosts

“Ghosts?” O’Kelly inquired. “Why the tanj would Astute warn us ‘bout some fairytale monsters?”

Six-word Science Fiction Stories

Recently on our Facebook page (and the sci fi writers group) we asked you to come

Starting Point: The Hydrocarbon Boom

Winston moved along the pumping platform's superstructure, made more difficult by his environsuit. "Damn hose!" he