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A Look Behind the Scenes

In one Star Trek TNG episode the Enterprise explodes (several times actually). Explosions can't be done

Star Trek, a new Series. We’ve been there before

There have been multiple attempts to revive the Star Trek franchise, some successful, others not so

Starting Point: The Haunebu Encounter

What he had seen must be reported. He knew his life was unimportant in relation to

Featured Story: They Returned

A story based on a recent "starting point". Written by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Alien Profile: The Boloth

Boloths are bi sexual with no distinct differences between females or males and outside of courting

Alien Profile: Hotzies

These large pizza pies “graze” the surface for metal molecules and long chain molecules.

Alien Profile: Non Corps

Non Corps (Non Corporeals) are plasma beings who live inside a star.

Alien Profile: The Shaill

A slug-like species. Entered to the Alien August competition by Vanessa Ravencroft.

Alien Profile: Camogi

Life on the surface of a neutron star utilizing "nuclear chemistry" in the degenerate matter crust.