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Star Trek is as out-of-date today as Buck Rogers was in 1980 (Take the hint!)

With all the talk about bringing back aStar Trek series for its 50th anniversary, I find

What Deep Concepts Could Star Trek Ponder Next?

It would almost seem that Star Trek has covered just about every area of social conflict

Alien Profile: The Monoliths

The Monoliths are a substrate of temporo-organic quantum foam that extend their presences physically through at

Alien Profile: The Mindswarm

A Mindswarm is not a single entity, but a vast collection of individuals that can act

Khan, Failed Savior: A Better Alternate History

It’s a shame Abrams never got this idea; it would have made a story GALAXIES better

Humans as AI’s pets? …Okay!

We’d be the best damned pets ever, and AIs would be the best masters.

A Solution for Long-Term Living on Low-Gravity Planets

There is another way to simulate a full Earth gravity on a low-gravity world; a real

Science is the Bad Guy Now?

It’s been suggested that moviemakers only see science and technology as the bad guy, and won’t

Science Fiction Doesn’t Have to be Believable?

Though I admit I’ve written series of sci-fi novels where scientific accuracy takes a back seat

Star Trek’s Future Social Conflicts

The key to conflicts in Star Trek is that someone in their fictional universe does not

Could the Moon Fuel Earth for 10,000 Years?

But is this the best way to go about getting Helium 3?

Should We Hide the “Science Fiction” Label?

The trouble with the SF label may be the fact that it is too broad.

Alien Profile: The Ktlitans

An Alien August competition entry by author Steven Lyle Jordan.

Featured Story: How to Kill a Cyborg Dinosaur

The cadets reacted variously, some showing clear respect and awe for the massive dreadnought, others trying

Cowboy Bebop: We Need More Sci-Fi Like This

What do an ex-cop with an artificial arm, an ex-hitman with a mean martial-arts gift, an

Better than Starships: Satellites

Steven Lyle Jordan on why abandoning Earth's resources is a bad idea.

Big Bang and Brane Theory

Scientists theorize a series of branes/universes existing parallel to each other, each separated by its own

Terraforming and Genetic Manipulation Both

It’s sort of like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: Two great concepts that work great together.