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Six-word Science Fiction Stories

Recently on our Facebook page (and the sci fi writers group) we asked you to come

Starting point: Silently Drifting Past the Vail

Silently drifting on its way past the vail, Tyconderoga had been set on a course to

Story Idea – Time Dilated

This is an idea for a short story involving time travel (well, more like time-acceleration) and

Starting Point: The Third Machine Age

It was the third machine age that finally destroyed us. We should have seen it coming;

The Peace Button – A Writing Exercise

It started with a case of unfair dismissal. A worker issued a complaint against her supervisor.

Displaced Uranus

Planets in the solar system are disappearing!

Starting point: The Tallest Hyperfungus

The largest airships from the 8 continents had been summoned to "Old Wirespire"

Creature concept: The Acid Dragon of Zeta Anchora 3

An acid-spitting alien creature by artist Kevin Yan

Creature Concept: The Storm Bringer

The storm bringer is so gigantic that its respiration causes distubance in the atmosphere.

The magnetic asteroid

“The magnetic pull of this asteroid has taken me by surprise one too many times, but

Starting Point: The Lost Drone

"Who are all these unarmed biological units?"

The sticky gravity bomb – Looking For Gravitation In All The Wrong Places

Things were not peaceful at Epic Battlez' Hero And Villain Consultancy Service.

Car-hackers of the driverless revolution

We called them "Cackers", car-hackers, people who altered the in-built behaviours of their own vehicles.

6 amazing videos from Elite: Dangerous

This post concludes my week as commander-in-chief (I totally made that role up) of SciFi Ideas and

Starting point – How to kill a cyborg Dinosaur

“This is a crazy war we’re fighting, but if you want to hit the enemy right where

Creature concept: Osteonimbus

When Mark handed command of SciFi Ideas over to me for a week, he asked not

Starting point: Inevitable destination

It’s day 2 of #OnionTakeOverWeek and here’s another story starting point. Want to write something today but

Starting point: Miniscule blades of death

Alien invasion stories can be pretty formulaic, but it's a winning formula and useful platform for

I’ve taken command of SciFi Ideas! 

Hello sci-fi fans! David “Onion” Ball here, brother of Mark Ball (SciFi Ideas’ owner). Mark’s gone

Starting point: Post-Facebook

The salesman was described as a 'genius', although Carol didn't believe he was....