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Starting Point: Intellects Vast and Cute

As soon as the lights went out and the door clicked shut Pankakzikee and Breexzeen began

Let’s Talk About What Simon Pegg Said

Simon Pegg insults the genre in which he's made his name, and gets away Scotty free!

Britannia Rules the Stars – An Alternate History Timeline

A timeline of alternate events, beginning in 1914, which sees the British Empire not only maintain

Starting Point: The March of the Marliebrachs

It was a perfect moonsummer's evening on the banks of the estuary. The weather was tepid

Starting Point: Investing in Time

When I gave my nephew two hours of time for his birthday I was sure he'd

Starting Point: His Holiness and the Egg

Today, His Majesty The Great Listener is emerging from his isolation chamber to make a speech,

Starting Point: G-G-G-Ghosts?

"Astute responding. Go ahead Recon 4."

Starting Point: Decisions, Decisions

Time was slowly running out. Grayson had to decide on a course of action.

Starting Point: The Cruithne Report

It was a slow news week and somehow a report about poor standards of safety on

Story Idea: One of Our Wormholes is Missing

... And so somebody pulls a dusty old tarp off some old equipment, and the rescue

Story Idea: Underhill Oversees

If you could build your own stargate and link it to one other country, which country

Starting Point: Captain, Sweetie

"You brought me down from the ship for this? It looks like a bloody tree."

Starting Point: Should’ve Hired a Clown

Somewhere across town, a children's birthday party must have gone horribly wrong.

New Sci-Fi Character Name Generator

A new tool to help you name the human characters in your sci-fi stories.

The 10 Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2014

how refreshing to receive a thoughtful re-imagining of a classic series...

10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Science Fiction Writers

Here are some ideas and suggestions for what gifts to buy science fiction writers this Christmas.

Arthur C. Clarke Predicted the Internet Age, What do You Predict?

In the year 2041, what technologies do you think will have revolutionized our lives? How will

Starting Point: A Step Too Far

Celebrity billionaire Gus Goodman was notorious for a life and fortune wasted on a string of

Stephen Hawking Issues a Challenge to Science Fiction Writers

In an interview with John Oliver (broadcast on Last Week Tonight in June 2014), Professor Stephen

Elysium Concept Art Reveals The Torus Originally Had A Roof

In addition to its third act plot holes, one of the problems many sci-fi fans were