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Starting Point: Tantalus

What had gone wrong? How had the Cerberus found me? Had Samuel betrayed me? I couldn't

Starting Point: Goat Night

The god Pan was once again being worshipped, thousands of light years from Earth.

Starting Point: Artemis

I've spent the entire of my adult life aboard the Actaeon. I was twenty years old

Starting Point: A Taste of Paradise

"What is it?" Miranda asked with childlike curiosity...

Starting Point: Give Blood

"Blood?!" Jim recoiled. "Why in the 'verse do you want my blood?"

Winner of the Alien August Competition

The Alien August competition is over, and the winner has been announced.

Starting Point: Distress Call

The Volkosian raised a gloved hand and knocked hard against the glass. "I make call," he

Starting Point: Bovipocalypse

All them city slickers and so-called experts in Washington were scratching their heads like idiots. Even with all

LYCON – An Alien Species Concept by Ben Mauro

A stunning alien concept by artist Ben Mauro.

Hemingway – A Simple Editing Tool for Simple Prose

Rather than criticizing you for your technical errors, Hemingway instead gives you hints on how to

Starting Point: The Courier

"Just be sure to get back before sunset," my mother nagged as she packed a lunchbox

Alien August 2015

I'm pleased to announce that Alien August will be returning to SciFi Ideas this year!

Starting Point: The Return

Who could do such a thing, and why? Noah knew there could be only one answer:

AltMap: State of the Unions

It’s time for another alternate history map challenge. Last Week Last week’s alternate history map showed

Starting Point: Girls Only

As Thomars emerged from the undergrowth, the full scale of the city became clear to him.

AltMap: Khaaan!

This might not be entirely plausible, but give us your best guestimates please.

AltMap: Holy Romans Batman!

Our second alternate history map challenge.

AltMap: New Alternate History Challenge

Each week I'll be sharing a different alternate history map. Your challenge, should you choose to

Starting Point: Encounter at Ranzagoff’s

Danny almost jumped out of his skin when the xenomorph burst through the open doorway to

What If? 50 Ideas for Alternate History Scenarios

Need some inspiration for an alternate history scenario? Need a point in time for your alternate