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Starting Point: Forerunner Trash

I'm Doctor Jane Harlowe, I'm a Xenoarcheologist. I dig up Forerunner trash. Most of it is.

Starting Point: Ape-pience

Able Spacechimp Lancelot Muggs was working the problem. 'Always work the problem,' he thought as he

Featured Story: Twas the Night…

Counselor Ransom, of the Terran Diplomatic Corps stepped forward to greet the ambassador from the Re'na

Starting Point: The Hydrocarbon Boom

Winston moved along the pumping platform's superstructure, made more difficult by his environsuit. "Damn hose!" he

Starting Point: The Third Generation Problem

It's known as the "Third Generation Rule": The degree of social discipline needed for a space

Starting Point: It’s just a jump to the left…

I've created a time machine. Yes, I know, it's impossible, requires infinite energy, blah, blah, blah.

Starting Point: Limoncello in the Afternoon

"Limoncello?" asked Lazaro as he proffered the carafe filled with the lemony sweet liquor. Draeka sniffed and

Featured Story: Nothing Besides Remains

Father Shepherd rode the lift down into the lowest levels of the archaeological dig, ancient remains

Starting Point: At the Festival of Ah Mun

In spring, visitors to Tikal can participate in the Festival of Ah Mun, the god of

Starting Point: Any Difference That Makes No Difference…

It was on a Thursday, in 1976, that I selected to visit. My parents and brother

Featured Story: Remote Control War

Justine Donner sat down at her Remotely Operated Battlefield Combat Unit’s controls, settling down the cup

Starting Point: Aunt Chelsea’s Planet

I should have sold it. I still can, but now I know too much about the

Inspiration Gallery #0315

See the inspirational work of the American artist, Mark Zug, concept artist and illustrator of several

Starting Point: Any Landing You Can Walk Away From…

Alex Brunner was standing the surface of Mars. It was amazing. What was more amazing was

Starting Point: Cowboys and Dinosaurs

He rode into Lodestone on the back of green and red feathered Struthiomimus. At his hip

Featured Story: The Ice Cream Man

Zeyad Moghadam sat in the front seat of his ice cream van as it drove autonomously

Starting Point: A Monster

She spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen, I am Hans Kölch.” That statement drew surprised comments.

Starting Point: One Order To Go

“Digestion improved,” said Gea. “All digested. No waste.”

Starting Point: Walk 100 Miles in Somebody Else’s Shoes

Wes Mason blinked awake. He tried to run a diagnostic but was blocked. “Wha-what’s up?” he

Starting Point: Let’s Go Walkies

“What was that noise Sedgwick?” asked Mayor-Captain Hieronymus Spalding.