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Sciency Words: Ideal Rocket Equation

Escaping Earth’s gravity is far easier said than done. The high, high cost of getting to

Sciency Words: Oxygen Catastrophe

In the beginning, Earth had an atmosphere composed mainly of carbon dioxide. Life thrived in this

Sciency Words: Anthropocene

Anthropocene loosely refers to the era of Earth’s geological history when human beings (anthropos is Greek

Sciency Words: Venus Syndrome

Turning Venus into another Earth is, in short, difficult. So instead, how about we turn Earth

Let’s Fix Venus

Venus wants to kill you. With its sulfuric acid clouds, dangerously high atmospheric pressure, absurdly high

Sciency Words: Global Resurfacing Event

Sometime between 300 and 600 million years ago, Venus experienced what scientists call a global resurfacing

Colonizing Venus

Could we colonize Venus? Sure. It’s definitely possible, and there may be good scientific reasons for

Sciency Words: Ad Hoc Hypothesis

“Ad hoc” is a Latin phrase meaning “for this,” as in “for this one and only

Life on Venus?

Venus loves keeping secrets. One of the biggest, most frustrating secrets has to do with the

Sciency Words: Ashen Light

First observed in 1643, ashen light is an as yet unexplained phenomenon on the planet Venus.

Sciency Words: The Anomalous Precession of the Perihelion of Mercury

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably looked at planetary orbits and asked yourself: why does

Sciency Words: Lobate Scarps (Is Mercury Shrinking?)

Since the Solar System formed 4.5 billion years ago, Mercury has decreased in size by about

Colonizing Mercury: How to Live There

If you hunger for a quaint, frontier life far from the noise and bustle of modern

Sciency Words: Hill Sphere (Why Doesn’t Mercury Have a Moon?)

Mercury does not and probably cannot have a moon. Why? Because the Sun is a bully.

Colonizing Mercury: How To Get There

In several recent posts, I’ve said that nobody wants to live on Mercury. It’s too hot.

Sciency Words: Volatile

Many volatiles are so eager to become gases that they’ll sublimate, meaning they’ll transform from solid

Sciency Words: SOHO

SOHO is positioned between the Sun and Earth, and its mission is to monitor and study

Sciency Words: Moreton Waves – Sun Surfing

Okay, so you can’t really go surfing on the Sun, but if you could, the Sun’s

Sciency Words: The Carrington Event

Here’s the good news: the world didn’t end.

Sciency Words: Ejecta

This is the fancy, technical term for stuff that gets thrown around whenever violent things happen.