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Sciency Words: Belts and Zones

If you’ve ever looked at Jupiter, you’ve noticed that it has stripes. The stripes are so

Sciency Words: Orbital Resonance

Three of Jupiter’s moons, Io, Europa, and Ganymede, have a special relationship with each other. For

Sciency Words: Rubble Pile

“Rubble pile” is not a formal part of any asteroid classification system, but it appears so


A typical M-type asteroid could be worth billions upon billions of dollars.

Sciency Words: Siliceous Asteroids

It’s a tale of two asteroids, one in the inner asteroid belt, the other in the

Sciency Words: Carbonaceous Asteroids

As the name implies, carbonaceous asteroids have lots of carbon and carbon-containing compounds.

Sciency Words: Panspermia

According to panspermia, life - in the form of bacterial spores, tardigrades, or whatever - spreads

Sciency Words: Extremophiles

In the mid-1960’s, a field biologist by the name of Thomas Brock was conducting research in

Sciency Words: Biopoiesis

To rephrase a line from The Wrath of Khan: put simply, biopoiesis is life from lifelessness.

Size Matters: The Evolution of Unicorn Horns

With the recent discovery that unicorns do exist, we must take a serious look at these

Sciency Words: Astrobiology

It’s not science fiction. It’s a young but important branch of science focused on the study

Sciency Words: Entomophagy

Yes, my friends, we’re talking about eating bugs.

Sciency Words: Yestersol

The term yestersol was apparently coined during NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity rover missions. Scientists and engineers

Sciency Words: Opposition and Conjunction

Mars, like pretty much everything in space, is a moving target. Sometimes, it’s fairly close to

Sciency Words: The Gaia Principle

A strict interpretation of the Gaia principle would tell us that if life fails to alter

Sciency Words: Silicosis

On Earth, the inhalation of silica dust can cause a respiratory disease called silicosis. Symptoms include

Starting Point: Law of the Lawless

Jess had heard some of the crazy folklore about surface conditions on Venus. There were stories

Sciency Words: Jiffy

Gilbert Newton Lewis proposed jiffy as a unit of time defined as the amount of time

Sciency Words: Cold Trap

The only way the Moon can hold on to its water is to keep it well

Sciency Words: Thalassocracy

Future space-faring societies might end up behaving more like ancient thalassocracies than modern nation-states.