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A Quick and Simple Guide to Self-Publishing

Initially, self publishing looks like an utterly confusing chaos, but when you break it down it's

Why We Write Heroes

Are our heroes simply an extension of our own vanity – a striving to be something


James Pailly explains why nothing in science is "just a theory".

Gravity Balloons: Colonizing the Asteroid Belt

Maybe a civilization in the center of Phobos will be more pivotal than one on the

Terraforming Venus

Some useful information about terraforming Venus, provided by Dmitriy Ivashchenko of the Mars Terraforming Corporation.

Story Idea: The Trespassers

When a new moon appears in orbit around Jupiter, mankind wakes up to an uncomfortable truth.

25 different Sci-Fi Settings

A list of interesting sci-fi settings to play around with, and a mini-generator to create challenging

Screw Wikipedia, Contact a Scientist

Even though you’ve scoured the Internet and checked out every science book your local library has,

Featured Story: The Planet Brokers

Humanity agrees to sell the planet Venus to vast and timeless alien beings in this quirky

Story Idea: The Green Scourge

Humanity fails to prevent a medium-sized asteroid collision and suffers unforeseen consequences in this story idea

Covert Communication Via Viral Infection

Ilan Scheinkman shares his idea about how virus DNA can be used to send covert messages.

Story Idea: Final Interview

Near-future story about an agency that sends an interviewer back in time to personally arrange “final

Alien Profile: Pok’Maar

An arboreal species with high moral standards, created by artist Robert Altbauer (aka Sapiento)

Alien Profile: The Ancari

An entry to the Alien Profile Writing Competition (Alien Week 2012) by Flight 209. The Ancari

Alien Profile: The Sieth

This alien profile was written by Starbase 118 member Louise (aka Amy Young) as an entry

Alien Profile: The Althock

This article was written by Jack Gumption and submitted to SciFi Ideas as part of the

Alien Profile: The Vreetans

Vreetans are asexual and have no visible genitalia. They do not engage in sexual activity as

The Jeepers of Mik’s Planet

Created by an advanced alien species, the Jeepers were once part of a multispecific terraforming swarm

Alien Profile: The Squamata

For thousands of Earth years this race of hat wearing lizards has mimicked earthlings’ fashions. From

Story Idea: The Hive Programme

The Hive Programme proposes that mankind move underground until the ice age thaws. The programme developers