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Alien Profile: The Krazzle

A feline warrior race from the Star Trek RPG group Starbase 400.

Story Idea: Control Planet 13

According to the Governance, there are 12 control planets, each with a different set of parameters.

Alien Profile: P’Rem

The P'Rem is a jet black plant that floats in the air above a pristine planet

Alien Profile: The Rovers

Evolved from Mars exploration rovers, these robots are antagonists in the Dan's Voyage web-comic.

Alien Profile: The Zaefer

Also known as "greynecks", these aliens inhabit the universe of the Dan's Voyage comic.

Alien Profile: The Bahkti

An entry to the Alien August competition by Delvis J. Molina.

Alien Profile: World Seed

A World Seed is a living, organic planet grown from a seed.

Alien Profile: The Zherdany

An alien profile by Vincente Tellez. The Zherdany aliens are a hive-based insectoid species with some

Alien Profile: The Ha’Lyiss

The Ha’Lyiss are a aquatic race native to the shallow equatorial seas of Mare Liberum.

Alien Profile: The Xunon

An entry to the Alien August competition by Mike & Stan Strickland of Outer Limit Games.

Alien Profile: H’Nydron

The H’Nydron are a near sentient species occupying the ocean planet Kepler-22b. They have the appearance

Alien Profile: Arlenians

A feline species native to the planet Arlena (Kepler 186f).

Planet Profile: Arlena

An aesthetically pleasing world with massive trees and no visible land.

Five Ideas From The Simulated Multi-verse

Wow. This blows my mind and my penis.

Alien profile: The Dirt-Eaters of Corohawk

This alien profile was written for us by Chris Kentlea from Ennead Games. Chris challenged me to find

Alternative anime every sci-fi writer should have seen

This article was written for us by Steve Merrick after a discussion on our Facebook page

Starting point: The Last Fight

Ready to do some writing today? Here’s a story starting point sent to us by Jake Salter

The sexy sophont species from Daniel M. Bensen’s New Frontiers

Like clownfish, oonkhs change sex depending on social hierarchy, with a big male "husband-pet" for every

Dealing with Harsh Realities through Genre Fiction

As I often do when things disturb me, I looked for a way to deal with

Top Tourist Destinations of the New Worlds Project Setting

Here are the Organisation for Interstellar Peace’s top destinations for 2514. Don’t let the first interstellar