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Starting Point: Refugee Centre Gamma

Taulav stared in wonder at the blue and green sphere suspended in front of space station

Alien Profile: The Kaladians

The Kaladians are a race of crystalline people. They produce the finest authors, philosophers, scientists and

Starting Point: E=M2C4

The Many Worlds Translocator™ began to hum loudly. It slowly shifted into a shrill high tone,

Starting Point: The Battle of Grettsburg

On a cold Saturday morning, the familiar sound of a sonic boom echoed throughout the sky...

Starting Point: Black Knight

As the Black Knight Satellite comes into view Peter is transfixed. He remembers seeing it in

Could Life Evolve Inside a Gas Giant?

The idea of abundant ecosystems inhabiting planets such as Jupiter is by no means a new

Featured Story: Going Up

The city sits on the top of a man-made mountain above the dust clouds and the

Starting Point: The Ones That Bleed

I, Victras, the devourer of marrow, will purge the humans from this universe!

Dan’s Voyage vs. the Drake Equation

For each and every race I carefully consider a different way for them to avoid this

Creature Concept: Copterbug

The copterbug is an alien which has evolved on Venus.

Alien Profile: The Vel’takz

A race of pirates and scavangers. Submitted by Jake Salter.

Alien Profile: Gatalax

The Gatalax are a jellyfish-like race of aliens.

Alien Profile: The Urelians

An alien August competition entry by Jake Salter.

Alien Profile: The Novii

The Novii are a race of tall aliens from the planet Tau Saggatari E. They are

Alien Profile: Xacklon

An Alien August competition entry by Ben Robinson.

Alien Profile: Sibranthi

When human xenographers started exploring the Sibranthi homeworld, they documented three distinct species...

Alien Profile: Qolohg

A hardy species from the night side of a tidally locked world.

Alien Profile: The Uwan

An uwan once said to a virlogger: “Uwan are NOT humanoid, humans are uwanoid.”

Squidrats: The Most Successful Animals in the Known Galaxy

These highly adaptable creatures thrive in most environments.

Alien Profile: Diyari

The following alien profile was submitted by J.I. Borrero as an entry to the Alien August