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Alien Profile: The Tulira

The Tulira are a sapient race that resemble the dryads of Earth folklore. They have characteristics

Alien Profile: Ambulaflora

They stand one meter in height and superficially resemble stunted palm trees with green trunks...

Alien Profile: Tak Mal

The following article was written by Vincente Tellez as an entry to the Alien August competition. Biology

Alien Profile: Appa’Corr

An entry to the Alien August competition by Christian Liberman.

Alien Profile: Claegulfo

The Claegulfo are amphibian-like creatures that resemble what you might get if you crossed a salamander

Alien Profile: The Bani

The species Banivorosi Calvor hail from the harsh terrestrial planet of Banivo Prime...

Starting Point: A Nuclear Family

Dr. Schiver stared cautiously at the curious life-form in front of him. Similar in many ways

Altusya’s Scolopendride

Leonardo has made the unusual decision to submit his entry in video form rather than writing

Alien Profile: The Grilsh

An Alien August competition entry by Hannah Jenkins.

Alien Profile: The Elikar

A robotic alien race. An entry to the Alien August competition by Nathan Nichols.

Alien Profile: Kharadons

The most unique feature of the Kharadon biology is their ability to shapeshift and change their

Creature Concept: Erebusian Nightstalker

The Erebusian Nightstalker is an apex predator from the planet Erebus.

Alien Profile: The Kransul

The Kransul are semi-aquatic creatures, and large bodies of water are necessary for their reproduction. Fertilized

Alien Profile: The Acknn

An entry to the Alien August competition by Cody Craig.

Alien Profile: The Heliid

The Heliid are a noble-gas based race...

Starting Point: Transpersonation

“So…so explain this to me one more time,” I said, nervously adjusting my skirt...

Starting Point: The Atlantic Plughole

"Don't tell me... it's gotten bigger?" The Prime Minister waited for my reply as I surveyed

Story Idea: Atom By Atom

An alien helps a boy bring his father back from the dead by collecting his decomposed

Starting Point: Discovery on Mars

I checked my digital compass. Damn red dust made it difficult to read, but I could

Featured Story: The Final Burial

“Do you reckon they’ll bury me?” said Sean, standing next to me with his arms crossed.