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Packin’ Up the Terra Plantation: Rails, Beams, and Magnetic Loops

Cassidy Frazee discusses how rocket sleds, lasers, and mass drivers could help us slip the surly

Packin’ Up the Terra Plantation

When disaster strikes, science fiction tells us that we will be able to evacuate the Earth

These Things You Say

These days everyone know what Unobtainium is, because it’s become its own punchline. Unobtainium is the

Your Cloaking Device is Invalid

Space is big, it’s empty, it’s cold, it’s dark. It’s sort of like the woods

Transgenderism in Sci-Fi

A discussion of gender issues and transgenderism in science fiction by author Cassidy Frazee

Powered Armor: Mecha

Where’s my giant city-crushing anthropomorphic walking tank?

Powered Armor: Man Power

Since Robert Heinlein's Starship Troopers, power armor has become sort of the “go to” future weapon

SciFi Weapons: Sidearms

Raymond Frazee discusses phasers, laser pistols, and why it's never safe to shoot a gun aboard

Review: Eclipse Phase RPG

This game is the cyberpunk concept flipped on its head and cranked to eleven. In the

Review: Diaspora Tabletop RPG

Diaspora is a fantastic game. It dares go places that others don’t. It has the gritty

Two by Two, One is Blue

Author Raymond Frazee discusses inter-species dating and the frequent occurrence of human-alien hybrids in science fiction

SciFi Weapons: Missiles and Nukes

Missiles and nukes in space combat. What will do X damage to Y’s butt? What are

SciFi Weapons: Energy

The truth about energy weapons. What will do X damage to Y’s butt? What are the

SciFi Weapons: Ballistic

The science behind ballistic weapons. What will do X damage to Y's butt? What are the

What Has Thou Wrought, Space Beagle?

The following article was written by Rymond Frazee as part of Alein Week 2011, and details

Alien Profile: Mesklinites

Mesklinites, to put into terms that everyone understands, are intelligent centipedes. Their home planet, Mesklin, is