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Starting Point: Beyond the Black

It was supposed to be just another homicide case for Detective Burton Oalde. The only noteworthy

Planet Profile: Damnation

Orbiting the star Ceti Tau Zeta 47914 is a tidally locked planet whose official registration is

Alien Profile: The Yerto

An ancient civilization native to Mars which went extinct several million years ago.

Story Idea: Alien Appropriation

Alfonso Posadas Jr. shares his take on the ideas used in the Alien Nation franchise, merging

Alien Profile: The Menta Hives

An insectoid species with a collective intelligence. They form hives consisting of trillions of individuals, and

Story Idea: The Andromeda Plot

It starts off with the arrival of a strange object of unknown origin and the subsequent

Alien Profile: The Beltavortavpetov

The following Alien Profile was submitted to SciFi Ideas by Alfonso Posadas Jr. as part of

Story Idea: The Space Miners of Ahriman-108

Ahriman-108 has turned soft men into harden veterans due to the hellish environment both within and

Story Idea: Transdimensional Pangaea War

Two parallel Earths fight for dominance over a central 'hub world' and the valuable resources it

Story Idea: First Signal

The planet-bound sapients in this conceptual tale are a hexapodal arthropod who, at time of First