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News: Alien Week begins August 22nd

The fourth week of August (22nd - 28th) will be designated "Alien Week".

Dystopian Worlds in Science Fiction

The versatile genre of science fiction has shown us many different worlds, and I don't just

Top 10 American Science Fiction TV Shows

To commemorate American Independence Day (2011) we created a poll on the SciFi Ideas Facebook page.

A Guide to Science Fiction Subgenres

The world of science fiction literally epic and incredibly complex. The genre can be divided into

Top 10 British Science Fiction TV Shows

To commemorate St George's day (2011) we created a poll on the SciFi Ideas Facebook page.

6 Alternatives to Faster-Than-Light Travel

Faster-than-light travel is one of the most revolutionary ideas science fiction has ever explored. This simple

What’s Really in the Epsilon Eridani System?

After the Alpha Centauri System, Epsilon Eridani is the most mentioned star system in science fiction,

What’s Really in the Alpha Centauri System?

Alpha Centauri is to science fiction what Amsterdam is to teenaged boys; a distant glimmer of

Would an Alien Really Have Three Eyes?

Answer: Sure, why not? Most species on Earth have two eyes, but there are many species that

Coming Up on SciFi Ideas

After a great first week for SciFi Ideas I thought I should give you a look at what’s to

Top 10 Adorable Aliens

The cutest and most adorable alien critters in this or any other galaxy. Sorry but there's no

Welcome to SciFi Ideas!

Welcome to SciFi Ideas! SciFi Ideas is dedicated to providing ideas and inspiration to science fiction

Make Your Character Fail Before Succeeding

I found this article on the OngoingWorlds blog (written mostly by David Ball, who writes articles for