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SciFi Ideas Podcast Extra (Ep#7.1)

A short minisode cut from the end of last month's podcast.

100 Alien Creatures

If you're planning on entering the Alien August competition and are looking for some inspiration, this

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#7

David and Mark warm up for the Alien August special event.

Inspiration Gallery #0714

The incredible artwork of Chris Cold.

Alien August Competition 2014 – Full Details

Full competition details for the Alien August Competition 2014.

Artifexian: Galactic Habitable Zone

Did you know that galaxies also have habitable zones? Edgar explains...

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#6

We're talking FTL propulsion, wormholes, and star systems with multiple habitable planets.

Inspiration Gallery #0614

Yvan Quinet is to robotic samurai as H R Giger is to spooky corridors.

Inspiration Gallery #0514

Birrin concept art by of Alex Ries (aka Abiogenisis)

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#5.1

In this episode of the SciFi Ideas podcast we talk about medical technology in science fiction,

Colonizing Space 1970’s Style

Just look at all the cool space stuff NASA will have built by the time you're

Inspiration Gallery #0414

This month's Inspiration Gallery is a series of impressive landscapes and cityscapes created by American artist

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#5

In this episode of the SciFi Ideas Podcast, we talk about SciFi Max Magazine, our new

Inspiration Gallery #0314

In 1939, pulp fiction magazine Fantastic Adventures commissioned Frank R. Paul to produce a series of

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#4

In this episode we discuss sci-fi weapons, alternate history, and genetic engineering.

Featured Story: Frozen Heart

A competition winning short story by 13-year-old Cloe Cheung, a student at the French International School,

Inspiration Gallery #0214

Two civilizations live side by side in this image gallery by Christian Gerth.

Featured Story: The Eyes Have It by Philip K. Dick

It was quite by accident I discovered this incredible invasion of Earth by lifeforms from another

SciFi Ideas Podcast Episode#3

In this episode, we discuss alien morality and burial rituals, the SyFy title generator, and the

Inspiration Gallery #0114

This month's Inspiration Gallery features the work of Dutch artist Erik van Helvoirt. The gallery takes