Starting Point: Captain, Sweetie

"You brought me down from the ship for this? It looks like a bloody tree."

Featured Story: Nervous Stomach

My stomach clenched, my mouth had that watery feeling you get right before you vomit. We were moving at

Creature Concept: The Rhodian World Wrecker

Much of the creature's mass exists extra-dimensionally, only partially interacting with our universe.

Starting point – How to kill a cyborg Dinosaur

“This is a crazy war we’re fighting, but if you want to hit the enemy right where it hurts, you’re

I’ve taken command of SciFi Ideas! 

Hello sci-fi fans! David “Onion” Ball here, brother of Mark Ball (SciFi Ideas’ owner). Mark’s gone on vacation and

Featured Story: Crystal Gods

A story based on our story starting point "Crystal Gods".

Featured Story: Yearning

If they had been ordinary flesh, none would have survived the journey home. They were more than mere flesh.

Starting Point: Crystal Gods

Jayvin approached the crystalline plant structure with curious eyes. It was old. Centuries old.